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Patient Environment

Solutions to meet any requirement for hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

Bedhead Units

Tektraco supply and install various models of bedhead units designed to enhance patient experience and delivery of care.

The bedhead unit is permanently installed as horizontal, vertical, ceiling mounted or as suspended mounting and is intended to supply services such as electric power, lighting, extra low voltage communications, medical gases, entertainment and monitoring facilities.

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Medical Pendants for operating theatres

Pendants are intended to distribute medical gases, AGSS and electrical services to the operating table/ anaesthetic machine.

They also keep the area around the operating table
free form hoses and cables.

Together with the anaesthetists and surgeons who are the most important personnel in the theatre, and client, Tektraco can supply and install various models of pendants to suit any requirement.

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Nurse Call

Nurse call systems in a hospital and/or Old Peoples’ Homes give the ability to a patient to ask for assistance by the push of a button from the bedside or via a pull cord from a shower or WC. Nurse call systems also give the possibility of nurses calling for assistance at the bed side of the patient via emergency calls and Code blue buttons.

Tektraco offers various Nurse call systems, from basic wired systems with or without speech, IP based systems and also Wireless systems.

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Wall Protections

Tektraco can supply and install a full product range of bumpers, corner guards, hand rails and wall coverings, which include the following features:

• Shock-absorbing
• Newly developed with non-toxic antibacterial plastic materials
• European Certification EN 13823 and EN ISO 11925-2 “B-s2,d0” for medical usage.

Privacy Solutions

Tektraco can supply and install a range of fixed, adjustable and portable systems for privacy solutions inside wards and intensive care wards for hospitals, clinics and medical structures. Versatile and useful mobile solution allowing patients’ privacy in all circumstances where fixed or semi-fixed systems are not provided.

It is highly recommendable for emergencies, where instant effective solutions are required to create privacy areas anywhere in the hospital. This mobile system on wheels made of stainless steel or anodized aluminum, onto which it can be mounted one or two telescopic supports or infusion arms.

The smooth regular surface allows easy cleanliness and disinfection. It is designed to offer the maximum stability and reliability in all situations. The top quality of the fabric makes our curtains resistant to the most insidious wear and tear and fading even after a great number of washes.

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