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Source Equipment

Supplying medical gas systems equipment that fully complies with the requirements of international standards.

Oxygen Generators

Oxygen generators provide a central source of Oxygen up to 95% +/- 3% purity in a variety of configurations and are ideal to remote areas where the gas supplier is very far away to provide a reliable supply of liquid oxygen or oxygen gas in cylinders.

The system will comprise Air compressors, dryer and filters, air receivers, PSA oxygen generator and oxygen receiver. LCD controllers and oxygen sensor/ analyser is included complete with alarm to ensure that the produced oxygen purity is within acceptable parameters.

Oxygen generators are designed to comply to ISO 10083 standards and air quality to the European Pharmacopoeia monograph and conform to HTM and EN standards.

Medical Air Plants

Medical Air Plants provide a continuous supply of medical quality air conforming to the European Pharmacopoeia requirements, for respiratory use in healthcare facilities.

Medical air plants supplied are designed to provide a fully automatic system in accordance with the requirements ISO 7396-1 and HTM 02-01.

The Medical Air Plants consist of carefully designed medical compressors with after-coolers, air receiver(s), duplex filtration dryer and pressure regulation assembly, all necessary control cabinets, circuitry and interconnecting cabling.

Utilising desiccant media and heatless regeneration, the dryers are a fully automatic duplex (2 x 2 columns) configuration. The dryer media can be emptied and refilled without the need to disassemble, making it easy to service.

The control circuitry and power management system fully monitors the safety of the medical air plant, by signalling into the alarm system, which meets the requirements of EN 7396-1 and HTM 02-01.

Medical Vacuum Plants

Tektraco can supply and install a range of fixed, adjustable and portable systems for privacy solutions inside wards and intensive care wards for hospitals, clinics and medical structures.

Versatile and useful mobile solution allowing patients’ privacy in all circumstances where fixed or semi-fixed systems are not provided.

It is highly recommendable for emergencies, where instant effective solutions are required to create privacy areas anywhere in the hospital.

This mobile system on wheels made of stainless steel or anodized aluminum, onto which it can be mounted one or two telescopic supports or infusion arms. The smooth regular surface allows easy cleanliness and disinfection. It is designed to offer the maximum stability and reliability in all situations.

The top quality of the fabric makes our curtains resistant to the most insidious wear and tear and fading even after a great number of washes.

Plants supplied will be:

• fully compliant to HTM 02-01, C11, and EN 7396-1
• CE marked under Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC

Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System

During an operation, the patient exhales anaesthetic gas which is not safe for the medical staff in the operating theatre.

NIOSH (the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) reports the effects of high concentration exposures to WAGs include dizziness, feelings of light headiness, nausea, fatigue, headache, irritability and depression.

Other effects include liver and kidney disease. Exposed workers can experience difficulty with cognitive, perception, judgement, and motor skills placing themselves and others at risk.

Effects of exposure to low concentrations can also include miscarriage, birth defects (genetic damage), and cancer in exposed workers and their spouses (in cases of miscarriages and birth defects).

• Anaesthetic Scavenging Systems provide a centralised source for the safe removal of anaesthetic gases exhaled in the operating theatres by patients.
• Available in simplex or duplex configurations according to clients requirements.
• Designed to meet ISO 7396-1, HTM 02-01, BS EN 6834 and C11.
• Low voltage 24V remote switches.
• Easy to install
• Available in Single or 3 Phase.
CE marked under Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Medical Gas Manifolds

Gas manifolds are designed to supply the pipeline system with sufficient quantity of gas by cylinders and/or tanks.

The typical manifold for medical gases (oxygen, nitrogen, CO2 or medical air) according to EN ISO 7396-1 or HTM 02-01 usually consists of a two-sided cylinder supply with automatic changeover between the empty and full side, and an additional third source for emergency supply.

Analog/Digital Pressure Display

• Automatic Changeover Manifolds are intended to provide a continuous supply of medical gases for respiratory, clinical and surgical use in healthcare facilities. The system shall be duplex such that the supply is maintained in single fault condition.
• Designed to meet requirements of EN 7396-1, and HTM 02-01 and are
CE marked under Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.
• Wall mounting or Floor mounting options.
• Various flow capacities available.
• Optional: Touch screen, BMS digital Outputs and SMS texting Alarm.

Alarm Units

In medical gases there are mainly two types of alarms – Area Alarms and Central Alarms.

Area Alarms are used to monitor pipeline pressure within a ward.
Pipeline pressure transducers in the pipeline are connected to the Area Alarms and monitor the line pressure within a ward.

Should the pressure go below or go higher than the acceptable level, a Low or High pressure alarm is initiated in order to alert the ward staff.

Also, a fault in the wiring between the transducer/pressure switch to the alarm will result in a system fault alarm.

Central Alarms monitor the plant equipment such as air compressors, vacuum pumps and automatic change over panels and give an alarm when there is a fault in these plants or when a duty bank of cylinders is exhausted. These alarms are normally installed at 24 hour manned locations.

Digital Area Alarm

• Alarm indication up to 6 Gas Services.
• Ultra low 12V Digital Touchscreen Alarm.
• EN 7396-1 HTM 02-01 & SHTM02-01 fully compliant.
• Battery back up in case of power failure.
• Anti microbial fascia laminate.
• Outputs for digital connection to Hospital BMS.
• 2 Year Warranty.

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