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Site Surveys

Is your medical gas system safe and compliant with the relevant standards?

Our surveys provide you with a comprehensive, photographically illustrated report of the compliance of your system with respect to HTM 02-01, EN 7396-1 and other relevant publications and relate deficiencies to the consequent risks to patients, users and equipment.

We will provide you with a report that will help you understand your gas systems and what is needed to bring them up to current specifications.

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Design & Consultancy

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Do you need to design your hospital’s medical gas system?

Tektraco is often consulted by turnkey project contractors in order to provide them with the design of the medical gas system both for new or refurbished hospitals and other healthcare centres.

Tektraco’s qualified personnel are able to provide consultancy and design services to the latest standards of medical gas installations and our in-house planning and design unit can provide complete network drawings for all medical gases from plant to patient’s outlet.

In conjunction with medical users, the requirements for projects ranging from small clinics to complete hospitals can be established and formulated into a working format.

Once the basic requirements have been defined, it is important to produce detailed engineering designs, in close collaboration with the medical staff. At this stage, requirements for specific gases will be known, as well as positions of terminal units, alarm panels and so on. Proposals are always based on recommendations of HTM/EN document, as appropriate.

Supply of Equipment

Are you looking for a medical gas plant and pipeline products from reputable suppliers backed by local agent?

We procures all medical gas plant, and pipeline products from reputable suppliers and ensure that products supplied will be to required specifications.

All plant and equipment is thoroughly tested before shipment to ensure minimal problems at the job site. All requirements for protection of materials during shipping are strictly observed.

Handling of all parts is also very important at the installation site, to ensure that there will be no contamination of the materials before or during installation.

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Project Management

Would you like your project to be successfully managed by experienced professionals?

Project Management is part of Tektraco’s core service and we focus mainly on our client’s requirements.

Through the valuable experience acquired from the large number of successful projects that we have executed, Tektraco is able to overcome major issues that arise during a project and easily coordinate with other service providers to ensure a smooth and successful overall installation. Throughout the project we provide continuous quality control and assurance by project supervision.

In projects where patients can be affected, it is important to plan and phase works appropriately, to ensure minimum disturbance to sick people.Every project will have a project manager assigned to it. This person will be the primary point of contact and will keep the client up to date with the project.

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Do you need the services of certified and trained installers for your medical gas system?

Apart from project management and supervision, Tektraco also undertakes installations through its trained installers who are all certified to carry out medical gas installations.

Installations are invariably executed to the required HTM/EN or other International Standards, as specified and as performed in coordination with other services in an efficient and proper manner.

Pressure tests are performed as necessary and brazing is only performed during purging of N2O or CO2.

All piped medical gas pipelines are installed using the approved grade of copper pipes and copper fittings, complete with fluxless brazing technique for jointing.

Testing and Commissioning

Has your newly installed medical gas system been tested and commissioned to the required strandards to ensure optimum safety of your patients?

Testing is performed as the installation progresses to ensure the integrity of the piped network. Random tests are also performed on brazed joints and terminations.

Integrity tests are performed to ensure:
• the recommendations laid down in the relevant specifications have been strictly adhered to
• satisfactory performance of the system
• the installation is safe for use, and Certificates of Commissioning are raised.

Final ‘as fitted’ drawings are produced.

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Pharmaceutical Testing

Is your newly installed medical gas system certified for use? Is your current medical gas system being regularly tested for purity?

Before final handing over to the client, Quailty Control testing must be performed. Tektraco can provide services via independent testing agencies for Gas Identity, Purity and Quality as per HTM02- 01: 2006 requirements.

Medical Gas systems deliver gases directly to patients and must therefore be tested for purity. This applies to new systems as well as existing systems, which must periodically be tested to ensure that all is well.

Routine quality control testing of Medical Gases on site is essential for any District/Clinic/General Hospital with a full Piped Medical Gas System or a small medical oxygen installation.

This relates to the purity, quality and identity testing of the Medical quality gases including surgical air gas, dental air and medical vacuum terminal units (TU’s) or outlets at clinics/hospitals, where required, following guidance given in HTM02-01:2006, EP2009 and EN7396-1:2007.

Responsible persons will liaise with the Authorised Person and hospital staff to connect to the TU’s, NIST or plant sample points and what other outlets can be safely tested during the day’s testing session. Testing is generally undertaken first at plant sample points and then in distal departments.

Operatives will leave site areas following hospital protocols.

At the conclusion of the identity, purity and quality testing in a hospital, a report is prepared containing results, other observations and constructive comments.

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Preventive Maintenance

Are you covered in case your medical gas system breaks down?

In order to keep the medical gas system in a safe working condition, Tektraco offers Scheduled Preventive Maintenance together with ‘On Call’ Break down service.

All Preventive maintenance is undertaken by Authorised and Competent Persons who are certified to work on medical gas plant and equipment.

Tektraco is engaged in several maintenance contracts, whereby routine maintenance on each and every aspect of the Medical Gas system is performed according to scheduled maintenance procedures, as dictated by HTM/EN or other internationally recognised standards.

We are strong believers in the importance of having a technically strong and dedicated team of technicians to perform such routine maintenance on all kinds of medical gas plant and associated equipment.

It is desirable, and cost-effective, for customers to let maintenance out to contract. This gives them peace of mind that the regular preventive maintenance is performed, and the ready availability of an ‘expert’ in case of any difficulties.

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