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Nurse Call systems

Nurse Call systems in a hospital and/or Old Peoples’ Homes give the ability to a patient to ask for assistance by the push of a button from the bedside or via a pull cord from a shower or WC. Nurse call systems also give the possibility of nurses calling for assistance at the bed side of the patient via emergency calls and Code blue buttons.

Tektraco offers various Nurse Call systems, from basic wired systems with or without speech, IP based systems and also Wireless systems.

Wireless Nurse Call system

Wireless Nurse call systems are now commonplace in nursing homes and Hospitals. Due to their ease of installation Wireless Nurse call systems can be quickly and efficiently installed in any home or hospital. This advanced technology has proven to work in the most challenging building environments time and time again.

Wired Nurse Call system

Hard-wired means exactly that – using cables underground and in-wall to connect your system. This is a more labour intensive process initially, but is a reliable method and highly recommended as suitable for any new construction, but also available for refurbishments where required.

IP Nurse Call systems

IP Nurse Call systems offer centralised control and administration of both the nurse call system and any other IP-based systems in use in the hospital environment. This allows all the IP-based systems to be maintained to a higher level, from a central point. Employing an IP-based nurse call system allows these traditionally simple systems, to become a far more useful tool, offering benefits for the patient, clinical staff and the estates department.

Wired vs Wireless

Observation Preferred System Comment
New Building Wired More stable and maintenance free. In a new building it is easy to install cables on cable ladders and in pvc conduit underground and in walls.
Existing Building Wireless In an existing facility, the significant costs and inconveniences makes a wireless system to be the better option.
Maintenance Wired Less maintenance with a wired system. Wireless requires battery changes.
Flexibility Wireless With wired systems it is more difficult to change positions of call points. A wireless system offers the flexibility of re allocating call points with relevant ease.
Costs See comment A wired system will involve more labour than a wireless system, however one needs to compare actual costs as this depends on how big the system is.

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