The Importance of Medical Gas Systems Testing

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Why are Identity and  Purity Tests carried out before a Medical Gas system is Certified Safe for Patient use? Medical gas pipeline systems are an efficient means of delivering medical gases to patients. Unfortunately, if installation and gas production standards are not met, they can also present a health hazard to

Waste Anesthetic Gases

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Health care professionals who work in hospitals, operating rooms, dental offices and veterinary clinics, are potentially exposed to waste anesthetic gases and are at risk of occupational illness. The requirements for waste gases and toxic plume extraction is now embedded within HTM 02-01. In operating theatres, the waste gases will be extracted safely outside

The New Medical Device Regulation (MDR) – Webinar

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On 26 September 2012, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on medical devices and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices. These regulations, once adopted, will replace the existing three medical devices directives (MDD, AIMD, IVD). The MDD and AIMD will be incorporated into

HTM-02 Authorized and Competent Persons Training

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Both HTM-02 and EN7396-1 request that personnel involved in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems have the suitable skills and competence that only such training courses can provide. As part of our mission towards excellence, all our employees involved in Medical Gases undergo the training every three years. This